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Jest parametrized test that throws errors

Let's say we have a code like below that runs in node.

module.exports.registerUser = (username) => {
  if (!username) throw new Error('Username is required.');

  return { id: new Date().getTime(), username: username }
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In the code, the scenario where Error should be thrown are when the username is invalid.

For the username to be invalid, the username should be one of these: False, 0, null, '', undefined.

In the jest documentation, there is a section about parametrized (data-driven) tests in jest. However it is not clear how to handle erroneous situations in a bulk.

The code that I've come up is as below. Hope it helps!

describe("registerUser", () => {
  it.each([null, undefined, NaN, "", 0, false])(
    "should throw if username is falsy",
    (inputs) => {
      expect(() => lib.registerUser(input)).toThrow();
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