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Discussion on: I feel worthless when I'm unproductive

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One way is just to get really into something new. Eg. I used to lose sports a lot. I did climbing for 15+ years, diving for 12+, I used to do a lot of crossfit fitness etc. You get into these things, and start to become obsessed with learning them and mastering the skills. Obviously, that doesn't work during this COVID-19 lockdown, but perhaps there are avenues. For example, I've bought a skipping rope. I can skip fine but am presently really unfit. But i am also learning various tricks (from people on youtube). For me, that gets addictive as you practice and practice to learn these things. Maybe its the same thing - but it makes a changes from computers and it isn't just watching a box set on tv.

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Before COVID-19 hit I picked up dancing again! Unfortunately my performances got canceled. Nonetheless, I think doing something non-code / non-tech related could really help in managing my stress levels. Thanks for you advice!