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No doubts, English is universal language, even more on IT industries. It's mandatory learn it and write your software on this language if you want visibility and help.

1 and a half year ago, I decided change my mind to think mayor part of time in English. It's hard because my native language is Spanish.

I achieved:

  • Take professional courses on English
  • Listen News on English, but this more my a lot. Then now I listen podcast about tech/develop
  • Create an API on English and his documentation.
  • Buy and read programming books on English.
  • Change to English all my devices (Computer, Phone, TV and even use ATM on english)
  • Make all my search on Google in English
  • See movies and TV series
  • And lastly I'm writing my post on dev.to on English.
  • My last challenge was #ngColombia, this year all conference had been made on English.

Now my listen and write skills are better. But speak it's hard because there is no much places to practice English talking about development on my city. And can't take project from USA because need fluent speakers.

So, it will be good idea if some native English can make some kind of speaking forum or Hangout to talk about tech news, projects, language etc... and help us to improve those skills, I have no fear to receive feedback and have corrections with others. My mistaken can teach other what not to do ;). In exchange I can do the same with people that need practice on Spanish.

As you can see it's a long and difficult road to walk. Some times I feel like a child making baby steep. An yes, some time learn some times need the Google Translate help, but I learned not take it literally.

My main target on mind is to get better English skills and work in less than a year on project from USA.

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