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Camilo Martinez
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My Dev/Tech Podcast subscription

I’m doing an effort to improve my English listening. I started listening to some news radio stations but I get bored like heaven hell. Then I found a better way, listening to people talks about what I like.

Be careful, podcast listening is very addictive, take on little doses. But…

How can I listen to podcast?

There are a lot of apps and webs to listen to podcast, but my favorite is Pocket Casts because you can listen on your phone without adds.

You can subscribe to channels and get a push notification when they publish new pods. Even you can download it to listening offline.

You can subscribe to it easily from my shared list on Pocket Casts.

Soft Skills

Software / Development

Web & JS



Desarrollo en Español 🇪🇸

Am I missing something? Please let me know, comment that amazing podcast that you follow and there is not in my list.

That’s All Folks!
Happy Coding


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