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Django, Rails and Laravel. Surprising GitHub Stats.

In order to compare the popularity of Django, Rails and Laravel frameworks I decided to look at how many GitHub projects have been updated in the last hour.

I know it's not scientific but just for fun I wanted to see the numbers.

I chose Github because I wanted to see at the moment which of these three frameworks the developers are working on the most.

Here are the results (in the last hour):
Django: 131 projects updated
Laravel: 104 projects updated
Rails: 46 projects updated

It's still surprising that Rails has so many projects. I thought it was used a lot less than that.

I also thought that Laravel would be more popular than Django.

As I said it is not very scientific but it still gives an idea.

As for my choice, it is not yet done but I would say that it gives points to Rails. Several shout loudly that Rails is dead or that he is now a niche product. The framework may not be popular with trendy blogs, but these numbers show that it is still popular with developers.

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