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Webinar: Data scraping made easy in Elixir

Following up from his talk at ElixirConf EU Virtual, our colleague Oleg Tarasenko will be joining us on the webinar to dive deeper into Crawly, the web scraping framework he created in Elixir.

In this webinar he will discuss what web scraping is, why it is valuable and how Crawly makes it easy.

The webinar will demonstrate a real example using the Elixir Radar job board.

Register at

Businesses are investing in data. The big data analytics market is expected to grow to $103 billion (USD) within the next five years. It’s easy to see why, with everyone of us on average generating 1.7 megabytes of data per second.

As the amount of data we create grows, so too does our ability to inherent, interpret and understand it. Taking enormous datasets and generating very specific findings are leading to fantastic progress in all areas of human knowledge, including science, marketing and machine learning.

Learn how to gather valuable data with web scraping in Elixir. Register for our webinar at

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