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Two years as a Developer Advocate of DotVVM

We live in extraordinary times, where participating as a community is more important than ever. On this special occasion, I am celebrating with all of you two years of anniversary as Developer Advocate at DotVVM.

What is a Developer Advocate?

From my perspective, a Developer Advocate is a person passionate about technology, who loves to live with the community, so that together we can acquire new knowledge, exchange it with everyone, and live incredible experiences along the way.

All this knowledge sharing can be carried out through online and in-person events, tutorial articles, hackathons, podcasts, and why not, in social spaces as well.

Why participating as a community is more important than ever?

Thanks to the pandemic, technological development has increased exponentially. Nowadays, all companies seek to implement computer solutions that allow others to know their different products and services, and also to be able to innovate in the process. And in order to be at the forefront of technology, thanks to the communities we can train ourselves (more than before), thanks to the incredible contributions generated from the community itself.

There are no better times like these to acquire new knowledge and develop our potential. By being able to participate in community, we have the incredible opportunity to develop our skills, connect with different people on the planet, and grow professionally. This is something that personally served me a lot since college about 5 years ago, and thanks to that today I can celebrate two years as a Developer Advocate of DotVVM, work as a Software Engineer at the same time, be recognized as Microsoft MVP and C# Corner MVP, and most importantly, be able to interact with super amazing people to exchange knowledge and experiences in different online spaces.

We can all empower the world around us and achieve amazing things!

DotVVM Virtual Party

This year as a Developer Advocate has been super incredible, a year ago I had a hard time being able to give sessions in English (my native language is Spanish), and to celebrate in a big way, I came up with an event with incredible people from all over the world in English, called DotVVM Virtual Party. In this space we were able to exchange knowledge about the latest technological advances for the development of web applications with DotVVM in .NET, tell stories, participate as a community, even have a live concert to live an unforgettable experience.

Here you can see the recording of the party with its sessions:

Infinite thanks!!

As a Developer Advocate I think that in DotVVM we are not only a group of users to develop web applications with HTML and C#, but also an incredible community where we can exchange knowledge, and inspire each other to achieve more.

In this video, you can know my beginnings as a Developer Advocate:

Thank you very much to everyone for this wonderful time, to Tomáš Herceg, Igor Drgonec, Abdul Raulf, Ọ́laṣubomì Ọ́lọ́runṣọ́la, the entire Developer Advocates team, and all the people who have made this possible, every reader, every event attendee, and every developer, 253.97k times thanks.

We're still in touch on Twitter and LinkedIn :)

We see ourselves in more initiatives, and spaces that allow us to achieve incredible things. Together we will achieve more!

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