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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for developers

espoir profile image Espoir Murhabazi ・1 min read

Hey Family,

Am looking for the best Black Friday deals for this year.

If you know a good deal which could be useful for developers please let us know.

The deal can be a book , a course, an app subscription , a gadget, etc!



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Hi all! Here’s a UX course for founders/coders presale! Cyber Monday deal $200 toward the course. Lifetime access to updates as well.

Also: you can ping us directly if you have any questions or specific course requests.




Maybe VPN?
nordvpn still has a discount -> nordvpn.com/



  • Ends today: SymfonyCasts 40% discount.
  • Ends next Monday: SymfonyInsight and Symfony Certification 30% discount; Blackfire 20% discount.

If you are interested in Laravel, PHP and VUE there is a good deal on laracast.com


Thanks for sharing,

Let me share it with my vueJs people