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Comparison of Top Online Video Platforms in 2021

Online video platform providers help businesses and professionals to easily create and manage their video content on the world wide web.

There is a growing trend among businesses/brands to include video marketing in their campaigns.

Video marketing can attract more customers and has a better conversion rate. An online video platform (OVP) can provide video hosting and live streaming solutions to digital marketers.

Broadcasters can reach a wide audience with the help of OVPs. Online videos can be used for marketing, training, etc. by broadcasters.

What is an Online Video Platform?

Online Video Platform (OVP) is a video hosting service that can be used to broadcast, convert, store videos with the help of the internet. Video hosting & live streaming is done via OVPs and results in revenue generation.

A video hosting service is connected with streaming software to provide videos to the audience. Adaptive streaming can be done on various devices with the help of OVPs. Various online video providers offer quality video hosting & streaming solutions.

Online video solutions can help businesses to promote better without hiring skilled IT professionals for the same. Read on to know more about the top OVPs.

How Online Video Streaming Platforms Can Benefit Different Business Verticals?

Online Streaming Platform

Online video hosting platforms are used by various types of businesses/professionals for the promotion of their brand/services.

You can provide seamless video (short or long) streaming to your customers via OVPs. Some of the prominent sectors that use OVPs are as follows:

Media & Entertainment

Media houses and streaming platforms require OVPs to share seamless real-time videos with their audience.


Enterprises/firms require OVPs to create & share informative videos with their customers to increase awareness about their products/services.


Online education providers require OVPs to provide informative videos on various topics. Online Video Education Platform can also help you to interact with your students in various ways.


E-games have been at their highest point since their incorporation. E-gamers need a better streaming solution to record and upload their game-play for their audiences. They also require OVPs for increasing viewer engagement on their videos or to interact with their audience.

Many other industries/professionals require an OVP like health & fitness, religious shows/streams, etc. The growth of OVPs has resulted in customizing online videos based on the target audience.

Important things to consider before choosing an online video platform

Online Streaming Platform

Are you thinking of choosing an online video platform for your business? One should look for certain functionalities before choosing an OVP.

Some of the top features you should consider before choosing an OVP are as follows:

• Choose customizable video platform providers who can help you in offering videos at various destinations. The streaming quality can differ on devices and you need a flexible OVP who can cater to your marketing needs.

• A reliable OVP uses robust technologies to provide video hosting services. An effective online video platform also provides real-time insights about viewership and engagement data.

• OVPs which use cloud hosting services also help in cost optimization. Cloud-based video hosting services are cheap in comparison with on-premises video hosting. Also, it provides enough storage space. Various video hosting processes can be automated with the help of cloud-based hosting.

• Choose an OVP that provides various monetisation models to generate revenue from your online videos.

• Look out for the DRM (Data Rights Management) features before choosing an OVP. DRM features like Encryption, Watermark, SSL Certifications, etc. will keep your online content protected. You should look for enhanced security features in an OVP to protect your content.

Comparison of the Top 5 Online Video Platforms of 2021:

Let us compare video platforms preferred in 2021. We will look for the aforementioned video hosting features in these OVPs.

Below the list of online video platforms that is widely preferred in 2021:

1. CONTUS VPlayed - Online Streaming Platform

CONTUS VPlayed is an extensive self-hosted cloud OTT streaming solution, that facilitates content originators, publishers and distributors in every video monetization streaming model like SVOD, AVOD, PPV or TVOD etc. This OTT TV solution is created with the help of microservice architecture technology which is being independently developed by Contus VPlayed. Noteworthy features of CONTUS VPlayed allow video creators to publish their curated content across Web, Mobile & Smart TV.

Online Streaming Platform

Key Features & Specifications:

• On-demand video delivery on various devices.
• Live streaming & broadcasting services to attract the audience.
• Deliver mobile TV services through your branded mobile application.
• Effective content delivery system to provide video content across various locations.
• Cloud-based transcoding & encoding along with a reliable cloud video platform.
• Adaptive bitrate for providing the best playback experience to your viewers.
• Cloud-based CMS (Content Management System).
• Robust security with AES 256 encryption.
• Real-time analytics dashboard.
• White label video solutions for enterprises.

2. Panopto - Online Video Solution

Panopto is a video streaming solution that serves more than 5 million end users for entrepreneurial businesses and renowned institutions. The video sharing platform of Panopto is placed as the highest-ranked midsize technology-graded company. This video streaming service provides a full video management solution with a video repository for business. Here are some of its dedicated features & interesting highlights in this online video platform.

Online Streaming Platform

Key features & Specifications:

• Large number of video integrations.
• Learning management systems (LMSs) for educational institutions.
• Live webcasting for your viewers along with a stable online video player.
• Central video library management system.
• Viewer controls for sharing private videos with a selected number of viewers.
• Dynamic ad insertion for video monetisation.
• Online video delivery platform for delivering videos at various locations.
• Mobile video platform for reaching smartphone users.

3. Brightcove - Video Streaming Platform

The OTT streaming platform of Brightcove has been facilitating its customers since 2004. Brightcove have been empowering organizations in more than 70 countries around the world with the incredible power of video streaming technology. Content owners can now easily live and deliver the best video viewing experience with their on-demand video/audio content across many platforms like Web, Mobile & Smart TV.

Online Streaming Platform

Key Features & Specifications:

• Real-time video analytics to track your audience data.
• Token-based REST APIs for better authentication.
• Ad insertion at server side for video monetising.
• Video on Demand (VOD) for diverse customers along with live-streaming services.
• Cloud-based transcoding & encoding for providing various resolutions of the same video.
• Adaptive bitrate streaming for providing a better playback experience.
• Customised video portals for your brand/business.

4. Dacast - Live Streaming Provider

Dacast has been offering the best online video platform that simplifies the process of premium content distribution across multiple platforms. The white label OTT streaming solution of Dacast provides most competitive pricing streaming solutions that are of high quality. Moreover, 300,000 professional broadcasters have delivered their live or on-demand content through Dacast, a video hosting platform that is trusted by businesses worldwide.

Online Streaming Platform

Key Features & Specifications:

• 24/7 tech support including chat & email support.
• Security features like AES encryption, password protection, etc.
• Ad-free streaming for premium viewers.
• Video encoding features & support.
• Various monetisation options like SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, etc.
• Live stream recording option.
• Online video distribution platform along with bitrate streaming services.
• White label video platform is also provided by Dacast.

5. Kaltura - Over-The-Top Media Service

Kaltura aims to empower every type of organization to leverage the power of video experience. This collaborative video platform offers both live streaming and VOD capabilities to its dearest content owners and distributors. Majorly, they offer an array of video solutions for media telecom companies, entrepreneurial organizations, educational institutions and other digital tech workplaces. Some of its eminent highlights include:

Online Streaming Platform

Key Features & Specifications:

• Content delivery services via Akamai, eCDN, and Limelight.
• Live software production & transcoding services.
• Global content delivery system to attract more audience.
• Supports videos up to 1080p.
• Unlimited file storage in premium plans.
• Video APIs and various developer tools.
• Enhanced security via various encryption techniques.


Online video platform comparison can help you in choosing the best video platform provider for your business/brand. You should choose an interactive video platform to engage your viewers with various video integrations. Refer to the aforementioned top online video platforms in 2021 for a better understanding. Start video marketing for your business now.

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