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Discussion on: Why you should Stop using CSS Frameworks

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Etienne Burdet

Let's be realistic: after your 10th job where you need to implement CSS tabs (or cards with header/footer, button with hover etc.), what will you do? Either copy-paste from old project, or start having snippet with parameters. Same with utility classes, same with spacing and typography.

Either way, you won't do it from scratch every job. In wich case you're just better off using a framework that does it well, with all the accesibility, style coherence etc.


  • much less need to document your CSS for your workmates. Somebody has already done the job and probably did much better than you will ever do.
  • The structure of components and utility classes will be easier to learn for your team—if not by yourself. By many orders of magnitude.
  • Why is this combination of classes not working?", "Ho, I need to fix that. In the mean time you can do this hack". Never get fixed.
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Uriel Bitton Author

Sure that's why i encourage developing your own css frameworks from designs you created yourself!