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EuroPython 2021: Data Science Mini-Conference

It has become a tradition at EuroPython to include a special data science track. This year, we have expanded on the theme and included more data science related content than ever before, including keynotes and workshops -- our own EuroPython Data Science mini-conference which includes:

  • 37 Talks
  • 9 Workshops
  • 2 Keynotes
  • 2 Interactive Sessions
  • 1 Poster

[Tickets are still available] through our online shop and will be throughout next week.


Data Science Keynotes

We would like like to highlight our data science keynotes on Thursday:

Claudia Comito: Connecting Communities: the Helmholtz Analytics Framework and the making of Heat

HPC, Scientific Big Data, co-design, Python: beneath the buzzwords, bringing together academics from the most disparate research fields to work on a common product is no easy feat. What worked, what didn't, and lessons learned from the Helmholtz Analytics Framework experience.

Dr. Kimberly Arcand: Our Universe through Sight, Sound & Touch

Information of our Universe doesn't have to be just a two-dimensional snap shot. We can transform these data to be able to listen, feel, or (virtually) move through cosmic objects. Listen to the debris from an exploded star, walk through the core of our Milky Way in virtual reality, feel vibrations of a stellar nursery, and experience our universe anew.

For full information, please check our Data Science @ EuroPython 2021 page, which lists the complete data science program.

Access to the data science parts of the conference is part of our regular conference tickets. If you want to participate in the data science content, please obtain a combined ticket.

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