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EuroPython 2021: Full-Day Workshops (by Django Girls and Humble Data)

This year's edition of EuroPython begins with two days of training sessions as outlined in the schedule. Many of these last 3 hours, however, we would like to highlight two specific workshops available to those who want a deeper dive. They are most valuable for people new to the Python language and ecosystem, and focus on different things.

Django Girls Workshop

Returning for another year, Django Girls will be running a workshop that will teach you how to build your own blog from scratch over the course of the day. Attendees will be split into small groups, and there are no special requirements!

The Django Girls Workshop is scheduled on Monday, July 26th, starting at 09:30 CEST (07:30 UTC). Registration for this workshop is handled via application on their website, which details the criteria they look for in applicants.
To apply:

Read on to learn more about the workshop and Django Girls:

Beginners' Day Workshop

There is also another workshop facilitated by Humble Data, serving as an introduction to how Python is used in the data science community. This also has no special requirements, and attendees will similarly be working in small, focused groups.
The Beginners’ Day Workshop run by Humble Data is scheduled for Tuesday, July 27, starting at 09:30 CEST (07:30 UTC). Attendance is free for conference and combined ticket holders.

Read on to learn more about the workshop and Humble Data:

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