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re: This is huge. Thank you! May just be the solution to some styling hacks here as well. :)

In theory, it should work. I haven't actually tried integraring the web component into Vue yet. When you import, use the dist/ bundle.

I've been looking for a setup like this for my own blog. So, I'll be trying to do the same.

Except, I'm going to try hosting it on AWS. With the website code on S3, the Dev.to requests proxied through API Gateway, and everything sitting behind a Cloudfront distribution.

That should allow HTTPS, cache all requests (incl the ones proxied to Dev.to) for 24 hours, and be dirt cheap to host.

BTW, the component uses lightDOM. Meaning you can style it globally.

Styles can be defined relative to the component. Once parsed, it'll contain the Markdown rendered as HTML. So, you can define styles like this:

wc-markdown > h1 {
  font-size: 18px;
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