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Am addicted to this drug 😊...

Back then before I had to settle with JavaScript, I used to learn everything from Python, Java, C, and PHP.
Sure I learned a lot, but now am addicted to JavaScript. I write code almost every day.

Problems am facing

  • Frequent Burnouts
  • Procrastination

By the way, this is/are my stack/tools in case you want to know why am addicted to JavaScript.

  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • ReactJs & NextJs
  • NodeJs
  • Firebase, MongoDB, Sanity, and Superbase

What have learned

  • You have to kiss a thousand frogs before you meet your life partner 😊 "Javascript"
  • Choose one stack and get good in it.
  • JavaScript has many and endless opportunities.
  • JavaScript is the King of the Web πŸ‘‘

Which stack or habit are you addicted to??
Am also addicted to Coffee while writing code β˜•

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