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Released initial version of boilerplate called Superbro (0.1.2. version)

I am so happy to release my first project in 2020!

This project has taken from me some time to finish(it's not because I lack the skills but I have been stuck of making decision wether to use grid, flex or something else in it) but now I have done some of the stuff I wanted (grid css is awesome btw!) and got the initial version out there.

GitHub logo eync / superbro

Very minimalistic boilerplate to start the most simplest projects.


Minimalistic Boilerplate Made in mind of mobile-first orientation.

It's quick and easy to start new projects with Superbro, since it offers many goods of HTML5 and CSS3 out of box. It's small library and supports all new browsers.

Visit Superbro.DEV for better documentation.


  • CSS reset
  • Clean typography
  • Grid.css (help of CSS Grid Definition)
  • Settings.css with VAR functions


  • Remove all PX and replace them with EMs or VHs
  • Fix the Grid-row system in it


Current version is 0.1.2.


Superbro is free to use under the open-source MIT-License

Feed back from this project is appreciated and what could be done better in future versions.

<3 from Finland

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