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JavaScriptmas Solutions

Hi! 🖐
My name is Ezequiel.
I've been learning JavaScript for a couple of years and when I found out that Scrimba was having a JavaScriptmas Advent Calendar I signed up right away.

Challenges are a great way to flex that coding muscle and learn some new methods you were not familiar with.

One of my favorite challenges was the The Rolling Dice. It seems easy but it had me thinking of a way to show all Dice faces using just plain CSS.

Another challenge I enjoyed was Carousel. The tricky part was trying to get the carousel to start at the correct position when it reaches the end of the array.

Here is the list of all the #JavaScriptmas Challenges:

Day 1. Candies
Day 2. Deposit Profit
Day 3. Chunky Monkey
Day 4. Century From Year
Day 5. Reverse a String
Day 6. Sort by Length
Day 7. Count Vowel Consonant
Day 8. The Rolling Dice
Day 9. Sum Odd Fibonacci
Day 10. Adjacent Elements Product
Day 11. Avoid Obstacles
Day 12. Valid Time
Day 13. Extract Each Kth
Day 14. Maximal Adjacent Difference
Day 15. Carousel
Day 16. Insert Dashes
Day 17. Different Symbols Naive - using Set
Day 18. Array Previous Less
Day 19. Alphabet Subsequence
Day 20. Domain Type
Day 21. Sum of 2
Day 22. Extract Matrix Column
Day 23. Social Media Input
Day 24. Test Your Agility

What a ride! I loved all these challenges!
Good luck to all those you participate in the Contest!

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Well done! 👏

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Alright! All Challenges completed

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Manuel Obregozo

Like your solutions! keep it up!