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The Serverless ecosystem is a nascent one. So nascent that the CNCF landscape for serverless will show you hardly 50 products listed and not even half of them are open-source.

In comparison, just the 'observability' category under the cloud-native CNCF landscape has more projects available than the entire serverless ecosystem. is the only open-source serverless observability product.

To make it easy for businesses worldwide to migrate from EC2 or on-prem servers, we offer serverless deployment library and cost optimization solutions as a value add.

From conveniently migrating to serverless applications, to monitoring the production performance, and optimizing the serverless bills helping save up to 80% on infrastructure costs - Faasly has got you covered all the way.

Our version one will have support for AWS Lambda with every new version adding support for more serverless technologies.

Currently, we are in the final stages of development and launching our closed beta by mid-November. If you're interested to be an early adopter, kindly write to us at hello [at] faasly [dot] io and we will provide you super early product access.

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