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#2 Follow up on Kirby-Boilerplate

In case your miss the last post click here

TLDR; I updated kirby-boilerplate an open source boilerplate using the latest 🔥 tools 🔥 for building a web app, with complete automated ci, cache. unit and e2e tests ready.

As a side hustle, I teach amazing people willing to be software engineers, I used Kirby as a resource (totally opinionated and optional) to help them build their project, this help me to focus on improving my boilerplate.

There were 2 main issues:

  • People find it hard to start the boilerplate
  • Hard to work with something else than GraphQL

And I have to admit, there was some bug or should I say unwanted features :D

For the first issue, I added a bootstrap script to help newcomers to launch the project right after a git clone, also I reduce the number of scripts available making things easier and simpler to use.

Now comes the second one, some of my colleagues I work with in the past already mention they were using something called react-query for managing their request both in GraphQL and REST endpoints. So after a long dig into their API, I started to implement it and run some tests.

Should I say now that I'm in complete love with what the react-query team did? not only it works (should I say very fracking well ?) It is incredible compressed 9.1 Kb (@apollo/client) vs 12.6 Kb (react-query).

I may even write a post soon about how managing cache is so much easier with react-query, no more cache.write .... madness with apollo.

in case you want to check how react-query manage it click here

hence, this was the recent update on Kirby !.

I am looking for contributors and new ideas, shortly I will focus on adding a cli for setting things up.

So please, have a look at it and help me build the next true opensource boilerplate! kirby-boilerplate, because we are all tired of building over the same thing again and again.

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