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Fabio Biondi
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React: introduction to Redux Toolkit (2022) - State Management Strategies in React - Pt #3

This video is completely dedicated to Redux, Redux Toolkit and Redux Developer Tools.
At the end of the video you can also find a comparison between several techniques and state managers.


Redux is one of the oldest state manager for React and one of the most used library in enterprise applications.We can also say that is a pattern since it provides several rules to create your architectures
The main advantage is that you can easily split your user interface from the business logic, and each part of this logic is defined by a specific element: actions, store, selectors, middleware and so on.

Furthermore I love Redux Developer Tools, an amazing browser extension to debug your Redux application. I couldn't live without it anymore 😅


00:00 Introduction to Redux Toolkit
02:00 Configure the Store
02:28 Actions
04:52 Selectors
05:51 Middlewares
06:52 Advantages
07:29 Redux Developer Tools
08:56 State Managers / Comparison

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