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My first post

Hello, my name is Fábio and I am a Web developer, specialized in .NET. Although I have a developer degree, I always considered myself a web developer, since I started my career doing web development and I love it.

I live in Luxembourg for almost 8 years now, and I like it. It's a very international (small) country, where you can find several different cultures.

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Now the question, why did I create a blog? I could have just created my website, with just my information and done, right?..

Well, I could do that and then go to Medium or Dev and read some post from some other developer. The world is full of content consumers and there aren't many creators. Most people spend their free time reading newspapers, on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. I am one of those people also...

So, I decided I need to create content. Even if it's only for myself. About what? Wherever comes to my mind at the time. About thoughts, tech, coding, .NET, etc.

Une person at the top of a rock

And here is my first post, with a small introduction and a promise (that I will give my best, not to fail), with my quest of producing content, relevant and interesting preferentially, and contributing to the world's content. I will share my knowledge and learn a lot with this challenge.

Accept yourself the challenge. Produce some content for others. Contribute with your knowledge. It will be hard, but you will learn in the process and feel good in the end.

This was first published on my website

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