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Facebook Reactions in SwiftUI

About 60 Lines. I’d never guess you could do all that in so few lines. With those transitions and interruptible animations?

I spent the weeks following WWDC looking into Swift UI. At first I thought it was really basic and you couldn’t do much custom work. But when you start building components from scratch you get how flexible it is.

This is a prototype built in 1 hour before going to bed. I woke up to it blowing up on Twitter (at least for my engagement average).

Animated gif showing a prototype of a Facebook Reactions implementation over XCode

And here’s the code, if you know some things about SwiftUI and programming it should be understandable. But here’s the overview:

UI is controlled by state. Am I dragging my finger from the Like Button? Then show/hide reactions. Which reaction is selected? Make that one bigger.

Then it’s just a matter of changing those states. When I start dragging, change the isDragging to true. Then based on how far I’ve dragged calculate which reaction is selected.



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