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MLSA Lahore Happenings

Microsoft Learn — Lahore community is going to expand it’s circle to teach the latest technology trends of Microsoft Technologies. The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program is a worldwide educational program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The Microsoft Learn student program attempts to enhance students’ employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies. I am co-leading this community with my University, Batch fellow Saad Aslam who is good friend of mine, we are trying our best to build this community to promote the latest Microsoft technologies in local community for specially students, professionals and mentors. We do have active accounts on social handles you can check out our work we are doing by visiting the link below:


Recently, we have collaborated with COLABS, Deveining’s, Stacks Pakistan and Devsinc. Collaborated with Stacks Pakistan for their Hackathon!

Collaborated with @Devsinc for their virtual Hackathon:

Collaborated with COLABS for the next year as a Tech Community Partner.

Our last event was MeetCon 0.1 which was held at COLABS where we entertain the student ambassadors from different institutes from Lahore having technical session, gold ambassadors and all the tech professionals and students who want career guidance, program help and outreach in conducting the local events in their respective institutes. I was moderating the Fireside Chat with fellow ambassadors.

The Happy face with few fellow ambassadors from Lahore and tech professionals:

We had also collaborate with tech various communities, community spaces and tech companies to provide and give access to latest tech trends, opportunities and facilities to our community members which they can avail and excel it in their professional lifes. Our communities are purely inclusive for all over the Pakistan.

We have also recently launched our website also to make this community more vibrant and to inspire more student ambassador fellows to learn and avail from this program to maximum.
Website Link:

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