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My Last 5 Year Struggle, Side Hustle and Community Contributions 🚀

🚀 My Last 5 Year Struggle, Side Hustle and Community Contribution Since October 2016 to August 2021!

I started, by taking participation as a GRAPHIC DESGNER, in IEEE GCU BRANCH LAHORE right after my Bachelor's degree started. 👾

  1. My First Internship was in UI/UX back 2018.

⏱️ At that time, I got the Internship in CureMD for three months but at that time I don't have an IDEA that CUREMD is one of the Great environment for someone work in. I rather JOIN a Game Studio which were closed right after my internship.

💡 I learned a lesson never go what seems right and good. Take RISK and give yourself a second chance. Than I Joined a Local Startup called HERSTELLAR as content strategist, which is KIND of internship where I get a chance to work in startup culture and to get to know what is happening in startup world.

  1. First time, then I represented Government College University (GCU), Lahore at International Level and Selected as a CAMPUS AMBASSADOR Hultprize from GCU, LAHORE 🎌

  2. After spending first & second year of my University after developing my communication & networking skills I have secured first Internship as WEB Engineer at VU Solutions Pvt. Ltd 😃

  3. After brushing my Dev skills in 6 Months I got my first paid Internship as Web Engineer during my 6 semester of my degree. 💪

  4. In all of this, I have worked along with @hultprize @herstellar @IEEEGCU @dotlinks @techtology1 @DSCGCULAHORE @plan9incubator as a volunteer & representative.⭐

  5. Few Organizations, I feel proud and much grateful to be the part of are @TheNestiO @airschoolonline @StacksPakistan @MLSALahore @dotnetfdn @TedxGCULahore @Plan9incubator @arfakarimfndn & one and only Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Community. 🔥

  6. These organizations made me who I am today. Co- Leading a community of 3000+ students, professionals and tech enthusiastic. Also Leading my own communities where I market, scale and build the local talent of PAKISTAN 🎖️

  7. Also our communities partnered with @COLABSPK @deveningsGlobal @StacksPakistan & @devsinc, in this whole process of redefining the meaning of community work we have done in last few years!

  8. The whole journey of 5 years is worth to experience for. I am super excited of what lies ahead - The most Important part is the Supportive Community we got for this! 🎉

  9. I graduated in Oct 2020, Now I am working as Software Engineer @Enghouse Interactive in their R&D Department.

🥳 Much thankful to all of you! I am always there to help, open to relevant opportunities.

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