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Filipe Pinheiro
Filipe Pinheiro

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Website with Notion

A personal website is an opportunity to share your thoughts with the world. It is your piece of the internet where others can learn a bit more about you. I consider myself an accomplished engineer with an eye for design. Still, I struggled for years to be comfortable with my website appearance. Last week one thought came to mind β€” Is it that important?.

Are the looks of a personal website that important for an engineer?

In my case, I believe the content is more significant than aesthetics. NotionΒ has the basic building blocks so I can focus on the content without bothering about look 'n' feel.

Notion comes with someΒ cons:

  • I can't optimise SEO;
  • The pages location is tied to the path Notion generates;
  • It's not simple to get insights on user behaviour and behaviour;
  • The line-height could be more spacious.

Are the cons a show stopper?

No.Β I was never the type of person to own a personal blog, not having a suitable site has been my excuse for the past years. Let's see where not having to worry about the looks takes me. Writing more is the minimum value proposition of this change.

What is Notion?

They describe it better than I do.

The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

But don't be fooled. This simple mantra doesn't come close to explain the awesome things you can do with the building blocks the fantastic team behind notion brings to you.

Checkout the result of a my website with Notion.

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