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Eureka 原理

Eureka 原理

Eureka 架构图

Eureka 架构图




Netflix 使用 Zuul 做如下事情:

  • 认证鉴权
  • 审查
  • 压力测试
  • 金丝雀测试
  • 动态路由
  • 服务迁移
  • 负载剪裁
  • 安全
  • 静态应答处理

配置中心 Config

  • 介绍:聊聊 Spring Cloud Config
  • Spring Cloud Config 项目
    -提供 服务端 和 客户端 支持
    -集中式 管理分布式环境下的应用配置
    -基于 Spring 环境,无缝 与 Spring 应用集成
    -可用于 任何 语言开发的程序
    -默认实现基于 git 仓库,可以进行 版本管理
    -可替换 自定义实现

  • Spring Cloud Config Server 作为配置中心服务端
    -拉取配置时更新 git 仓库副本,保证是最新结果
    -支持数据结构丰富,yml, json, properties 等
    -配合 eureke 可实现服务发现,配合 cloud bus 可实现配置推送更新
    -配置存储基于 git 仓库,可进行版本管理

  • 访问方式

  • 如何管理下图中的各种配置? unconfiged staff
  • 解决方案 solution
  • 架构图 Config Server Config Server with Cloud Bus


client side load balancer,配置文档


declarative REST client

Hystrix 断路器 / 熔断器原理

配置文档 Turbine Turbine 配置1.x


(来源:分布式服务跟踪及 Spring Cloud 的实现

数据收集 Zipkin





  • Trace + Span trace span

ELK 技术栈

ELK stack interaction with different applications based on Log file

Stream 架构图


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Marco Alka

Since this is an English platform, could you please write English posts?

English is the Lingua Franca of the internet. If you want to reach people, you should really use it in general (not even only here)

fangdajiang profile image

Thanks for your reminder.

Actually, I am willing to write English posts. Most of the knowledge I learned from the Internet is written English. My consideration is, I hope I could post more valuable articles written in Chinese here to encourage more Chinese learners to know about the website and proactively learn English for more skills, information.

Your advice is great, I would try to post bilingual materials later on and maybe it would help more people.

How do you think?

maruru profile image
Marco Alka • Edited

I really like the idea of pulling in people with the help of their native language. However, I always see the problem, that you post great material, but most of us do not speak Chinese, so we cannot appreciate your articles.

Writing bilingual articles (as in "all text in both languages") would ultimately solve the problem, but that would mean a lot of work for you and probably take away all the fun of writing high-quality, insightful articles.

So, in total, my opinion is, that is an English community, so articles should always be written in English. Writing Chinese articles will encourage Chinese people to read Chinese articles and demand more Chinese articles, which, in the end, would be contra-productive and probably split the site :(

As a compromise, you could propose a translate-button as a new feature. I know that these buttons are less than ideal, especially when translating between western and asian languages. Even the Google experiment with an AI, specifically for English, German and Japanese, fails spectacularly in the simplest scenarios. However, they might be a first step to a multi-lingual site with articles and discussions available to more people, who do not speak English. This feature could be enhanced with manual translations for articles, in order to keep the quality high. You would benefit from that situation in the regard, that you can write Chinese articles, but they are automatically available in English, too (though in low quality machine-translation) and later add a manual English translation, if you feel like it.

Thread Thread
fangdajiang profile image

I appreciate your thoughts, really.

Now I realized "a lot of work" you mentioned could be a tedious job and discourage me to post more ideas. Therefore, I accept your advice and I will post full English articles or bilingual ones and will not post pure Chinese ones.

As for "translate-button", I seriously doubt its effectiveness, especially on these technical documents. However, your words remind me of another solution like did. If you put your mouse over the Chinese text, the English version of the sentence would hover beside the mouse. I do like this feature but regrettably, the translation work could not be omitted.

Thanks anyway, and I will improve the quality of my posts. Cheers~~