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Discussion on: Has Stack Overflow Become An Antipattern?

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if you never contributed to stackoverflow because you think everything has been already answered, then you probably tried nothing really new or more complicated, how then you think others still get questions and answers, wouldn't they get duplicated questions? You cannot force it think out of your head, you need to come into a requirement that you have to solve and you found a solution by trial and error yourself, and I tell you a secret, stackoverflow in my opinion contains about 10-20% of programming knowledge the remaining 80% is on github or elsewhere or not replied, so sometimes you just have to only copy and paste from github forums, and I either post a question and a reply where I can't google it, or I copy it from Github.

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Victor Darkes

Definitely in the nothing new category. When you work with something established like the Spring framework there are plenty of complicated tasks that someone else has done that's present on StackOverflow.