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Facundo Espinosa
Facundo Espinosa

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Advices for MVP

Hi friends, how are you?

I feel that I need the advice of the community here, for improve one of the points that I think is really bad on me.

My short history: My name is Facundo, I'm from Montevideo Uruguay, and I be a develop by 3 years approximately. I love principally with Ruby on Rails but I have some knowledge about Javascript technologies.

Normally I don't have good ideas to develop apps, or start new project, but when I can someone, it's really difficult to me put it on production.

Basically I have a problem, I want that the product be perfect at the first day, great design, great UX, great code, maintainable code, and so..

And I'm thinking that all of this things are really complicating me to launch some product/app to the stores.

Then I want advices about how to develop an MVP, that I should focus, what techniques I should follow to go from 0 to product ASAP. It's important a crazy design at first?

I have an idea for an app, and I'm thinking about develop it with React Native for develop to the both platforms at the same time, It's a good idea? Even thought I don't have a great knowledge on React and React native?

Thanks for your advices, I really appreciate it.

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Francisco Quintero πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄

Hi Facundo,

Honest advice here: if you want to launch something, forget about it being perfect.

Software will never get perfect but more imperfect, so forget the idea. Leave behind it.

Now, do a full stop and calm down. Hurry won't help you. Launching a product/software it's like a marathon not a 100m dash.

I can recommend two great books about creating software products:

  • Getting Real by Basecamp(free)
  • Product Design Sprint by Google Ventures

They have tons of advices and examples in how to start and build a software product.

Finally, if you have an idea, work on it but don't get obsess with small details.

Try your best to define a small list of tasks that would make your idea usable at least by your friends and then keep working on it until it succeds it fails.

Then take another idea and repeat.

Launch soon, enough features, learn from mistakes and keep going.

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Facundo Espinosa

Hi Francisco, how are you?

Thanks for the advice, I was researching about design sprint, it's a really interesting approach before MVP, really help to understand more about that do you want build and learn something about potentials users.

I'm working on design sprint for the idea on my free time, to have a small prototype the next week, and test it with some users. Thanks for your help!!

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Francisco Quintero πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄

Awesome! and glad to have help you! :thumbs-up: