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Security Champion

Starting tomorrow 7/8/2019, I will be working along the Security Team to engage as a Security Champion! This is really exciting for me because it's the beginning of a path I've been hyping up for some time now among friends and families. Some people may already be aware, but I was unable to commit to the cybersecurity bootcamp I had enrolled in a few months back. It's been hard, but at least this doesn't mean the end!

So what is a Security Champion and why does this matter? Well, let's briefly cover the definition:

A security champion is an individual at a company who helps and assists with the Security team as the liaison of cross-functional team.

For me, it will be for our production support team. Security champions come from OWASP, the universal standard for Open Web Application Security Projects. For more information, here is a link to the responsibilities of a Security Champion

Now, I'm going to be honest with you: I love being involved in everything and anything: UX design, 2D/3D animation, engineering drawings, data science, security, etc. I like to consider myself T-Shaped! What I hope to gain from being a generalist is being great with visual communications. For me, visual and written communication is my best medium, but I've always wanted to be purposeful with my creativity. I've searched far and wide, and have seen the most important opportunity to invest my skills and experience in to be with cybersecurity! It's one of the most important fields of our day and age.

But I digress. Let's get back to security champions. Come as you are: analyst, developer, guard, manager, janitor, consumer, etc. This is a responsibility for everyone! Consider this as watchdog but for security: cybersecurity! We need more people out there as advocates. While security is held accountable to the security team, it is a responsibility for everyone and anyone to be a part of. That is wheere I consider it the most enticing! It's like being a cyber superhero.

What I hope to cover in the next few months is:

  • advocating as a public security champion
  • educate the masses on security stories they should be aware of
  • provide workshops with low barrier of entry
  • improve cybersecurity literacy

As I start this journey, I must ask to those who read and follow these posts: What would you like to learn about regarding cybersecurity?

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