What are you guys working on?

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I spent most of my morning working on my current side project, dnd-graphql. If you're not familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, it's a table-top role-playing game with the goal of creating fun stories with your friends. A couple months ago I found out the the company that maintains the game, makes the core rule-set openly available through the Open Gaming License Version 1.0a. So I decided to create an API containing the rule set in the hopes of making the information more accessible to other application developers.
But I'd love to hear what all of you are working on!! It's a shame that there's so many projects that get lost in the day-to-day of the software world. Hopefully we can connect passionate people with great projects.

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I'm working on a monitoring app that helps to monitor and analyze your web applications. 😀


Might have to see if I can integrate that with this project 🤔. How long have you been working on it?


Around three weeks now. I wrote a small article about it recently. Today I finished the first draft of the adapter for browsers.

That's crazy you got all that done in three weeks. Are you looking to take that project much further?

Yes, at the moment it can track errors from NodeJS servers and the browser. I’m planning to add extensive analytics so that you can track page visits and analyze the behavior of your visitors on your page to identify performance or UX issues.


I am building a puzzle game with react-native. Trying to make it beautiful with sprites and animations.


Are you using anything to learn react-native? It's something on my to-do list


I am currently exploring C# and Unity engine to design and create 2D games