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Ddosify | High-performance load testing tool, written in Golang (opensource) ⚡

Hi All,
I want to introduce a brand-new open source load testing tool Ddosify. We aimed to create a multi-protocol, easy-to-use, high-performance performance testing tool. 🚀

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High-performance load testing tool, written in Golang. For distributed and Geo-targeted load testing: Ddosify Cloud - 🚀

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Ddosify - High-performance load testing tool

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Ddosify - High-performance load testing tool quick start


📌 Protocol Agnostic - Currently supporting HTTP, HTTPS, HTTP/2. Other protocols are on the way.

📌 Scenario-Based - Create your flow in a JSON file. Without a line of code!

📌 Different Load Types - Test your system's limits across different load types.

📌 Parameterization - Use dynamic variables just like on Postman.

📌 Correlation - Extract variables from earlier phases and pass them on to the following ones.


ddosify is available via Docker, Docker Extension, Homebrew Tap, and downloadable pre-compiled binaries from the releases page for macOS, Linux and Windows.


docker run -it --rm ddosify/ddosify
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Docker Extension

Run Ddosify open-source on Docker Desktop with Ddosify Docker extension. More:

Homebrew Tap (macOS and Linux)

brew install ddosify/tap/ddosify
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apk, deb, rpm, Arch Linux, FreeBSD packages

  • For arm architectures change ddosify_amd64 to ddosify_arm64 or ddosify_armv6.
  • Superuser privilege…

  • It is currently supporting HTTP(S), HTTP/2. We are going to add as many protocols as possible. So, if you need to perform a load test for a specific protocol, please contact me.

  • Test plan creation can be achieved with a configuration(JSON) file. You don’t need to write any line of code.

As I said, our primary focus is creating a load test tool that can do anything related to load testing with the easiest usage. If you think current tools do not meet your requirements, please contact me so we can improve Ddosify based on your needs. ⚡

Feedback is always welcome. Have a lovely day.

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Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
fatihbaltaci profile image
Fatih Baltaci

Thank's @jmau111 :)

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Frédéric G. MARAND

Any timeline expectation for the cloud version ?

fatihbaltaci profile image
Fatih Baltaci

Hi @fgm, sorry for the late reply. We'll release the beta version of Ddosify cloud in March 2022. You can join the waitlist on

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