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Having the first meetup is crucial to any community, as this will serve as an avenue for the members and intending members to know the goals and objectives of the developer circle and what they stand to gain in the long run.

-Meetup Purpose and Theme
Here I will carefully draft the theme and purpose of the meetup so that any persons coming for the event will have a clear picture of what the event is all about. a theme such as "INFO SESSION"
Every event has an agenda and drafting one before the event helps you checkmate and organize how the event will look like, and also give room for games and other fun activities so that the event doesn't look boring to the most participant.
-Date and Time
for as much as every other part of an event is important this part is to be giving serious consideration, because a bad date and timing mean a total or partial collapse of the entire event, picking a suitable day and time for your event is very paramount, depending on your locality, so chose a date that will be conducive for your community and a time frame that will not consume their entire day, because nobody wants to spend his or her entire day for just one event.
sourcing for a venue for the meetup is very important, putting in check the comfort of those attending and also the security of the environment and the cost of acquiring the venue, and also making sure the venue is booked and confirmed two days before the day of the event to avoid disappointment.
Getting a speaker for the event should also be considered important because the type of speaker you have will greatly affect the mood of the event, for an info session I will need speakers who are good at speaking with a new community and have an idea about inclusive community and community growth, speakers with a great level of experience and knowledge.
-Event Promotion
A well-publicized event is an event with more audience because the event is meant for the community, adverts should be placed in both print and social media advert (Facebook ads) so that people should be informed about the event on time and what the meetup is all about.
the choice of topics that should handle that day should be beginner-friendly and not too technical.
Topics such as:
Inclusive Community
Importance of a community
Types of a community
if the event will last up to 3hours then, something light will be given to the participant so they don't lose focus because of hungry and tiredness.

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