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Question for vue.js developers (beginners)

fayazara profile image Fayaz Ahmed twitter logo github logo ・1 min read  

Hello, a quick survey. For beginners who are learning Vue.js.

Would you be interested in a vue.js course which won't teach the basics, instead teach how to build actual realtime projects, from small apps to medium sized.

Some course ideas

  1. Expense tracker - with Airtable API/Google Sheets API
  2. Complete Landing page with Lead Capture, Sending Emails with Sendgrid
  3. Small Ecommerce App, capturing Payments with Stripe
  4. A Node + Express + MongoDB + Vue CRUD app
  5. Github Gists app
  6. Sign in with Google/Facebook
  7. Making a chat app with Websockets
  8. Making a video call app with WebRTC.
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Nuxt is must. Or perhaps Gridsome.

A Node + Express + MongoDB + Vue CRUD app

I am also interested in SEO aspect as well. (esp. social links)


Nuxt.js + tailwindcss is current go-to stack for building projects.

Currently building a large Bidding platform with Nuxt for my employer, & I have also built multiple sites as a freelancer, so I lots of insights to share on this.


You guys ever tried Next with React? It has way better DX, than nuxt, also less magic.


Hi Fayaz! I'd surely be interested in such a course. Learning along while building stuff is the way I like it.


Although tremendous amount of work, I am commited to making this, if I get good response.
I would have definitely been interested in something like this when I was learning.


I would be interested in the ecommerce app with capturing payments as well as utilizing google sheets api! im assuming the google sheets would be as a makeshift databse?

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