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Does your work get paid properly?

feco2019 profile image Dimitris Chitas ・2 min read

Hello there community and learners.

Two weeks before i came across of a WordPress project,in fat terms it was an eshop(Woocomerce) with some UI work on a custom template,and the back-end work for (bookings,invoices etc).

I used to do a better offers when the client is suggested from a friend or an external partner so i decided to ask the 50% of the ammount.To talk with a numbers that was 500euro from 1000euro which was my offer for the eshop.

The customer thought that 500 euro was much enough and decided to to tell me that we will not proceed further with the construction,even if i was already started to create things and show him what i was doing.I get upset a while but you know in freelancing things like these are common.Yesterday i recieved an email from him that my job was very low bugdet and after me he made his research and he got totally dissapointed from the prices and the services that they provided to him.
He asked me if i can be in partnership with him again.

My quetsion is?

Do we underestimate our job,or some clients that belongs out of the field of IT just they are not ready yet to understand the path of our job?
What should be my answer?Should i be professional and say yes let's do it or should i keep it personal and say yes let's do it with more money or even no i don't do it?
With wich way you are calculating your cost's for each project?

I hope you to have a nice day and a nice reason to talk about your experiences along that situations.


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Jonathan Boudreau • Edited

I think instead of racing to the bottom it would be better to focus on quality. I'm not familiar with your market but I normally do the opposite of slashing the cost in half. I normally double the estimate because there's always a bunch of other things which need to be done that you didn't think about, or unexpected problems.

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Dimitris Chitas Author

I agree with you, the marketplace in my country is always lower bugdet,i am oka with this i have realized that is working like this and i am also say prices that are estimated.But some of clients are not happy when you say to them it could be a range from this number to that number.They want de facto prices and there is the problem.I am focusing always to quality and for personal reasons and for professional as well..Anyway thank you for the advice word up +1