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Hello World! Here is why I chose to learn software development.

Over the last decade, I have been learning and enhancing my skills in the field of Architecture. I received BA in Architectural Studies and MArch in Architecture and Urbanism. I have been blessed with wonderful career opportunities where I was able to pursue my interest in the building and construction industry. The year 2020 has provided me with an opportunity to stop and reflect on my career and future long-term goals. I enjoy certain aspects of the Architecture profession, such as problem solving, analytical design and team collaboration. I focused heavily on Building Information Modeling, and trying to determine how the architectural components all function in tandem with one another.

I started exploring free prep courses in both UX/UI and Software Engineering. I found that I really enjoy the problem solving aspects of programming. After an extended period of thought and consideration, I decided to apply for the Flatiron Software Engineering program. I value well-guided curriculum, structured courses, milestone dates, and guidance from technical experts. Most importantly, I would like to immerse myself in such a passionate community where we all share the same common goal, becoming a Software Engineer.

I am self-actualized individual, and committed to achieving my goals. I believe the core principles of Architecture will be a good catalyst to becoming a programmer. The pathway to becoming an architect was a very long road from acquiring professional degrees to the accreditation, and eventually, earning multiple certifications. These experiences taught me patience when seeking knowledge, and how to persevere when faced with complex challenges. I will contribute my past experiences in communication, working in a high-pressured environment and managing client's expectations into this exciting new vocation.

def determination(challenges)
   final_goal = []
   challenges.each { |challenge| final_goal << challenge }
   return final_goal
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