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Can you recommend a good operating System Fundamentals book?

Hey can anyone recommend a good book on Operating system fundamentals?... Currently looking to buy this one:

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That's the same book I had in uni, so I would say maybe ;-)

It's a massive read (more than a 1000 pages) but there's a lot packed into it and as most books that long, you might fall asleep in some parts :D

If you check the table of contents you can have an idea about what is covering:

* What Is An Operating System
* History Of Operating Systems
* Computer Hardware Review
* The Operating System Zoo
* Operating System Concepts
* System Calls
* Operating System Structure
* Processes And Threads
* Memory Management
* File Systems
* Input Output
* Deadlocks (I think the version I had stopped here)
* Virtualization And The Cloud
* Multiple Processor Systems
* Security
* Case Study 1 Unix Linux And Android
* Case Study 2 Windows 8
* Operating System Design

Get the latest edition though:

I don't know other books sorry, but maybe this quora thread can help.

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Thanks rhymes! Seeing the table of contents definitely helps. I didn't know it was 1000 pages long, I'm a learn-by-doing kind of person.. but I don't think I'll be building a OS from scratch anytime soon...

This exactly why I'm asking for input :)

Thanks again!