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Top 5 fonts for coding!

I am very obsessed with the fonts I use, and they are very important to me. So I decided to share the fonts I used and liked. I hope you like it too. (The title should have been mono space fonts, but whatever.)

1 - JetBrains Mono

I liked it when I used Pycharm. Then I decided to try it at VS Code and it was cool. You can get it from here

JetBrains Mono

2 - Operator Mono

It is one of the most famous fonts and I really love it and using it currently. You can get it from here

Alt Text

3 - Dank Mono

From Dank Mono's site

Dank Mono is the coding font you want. Designed for aesthetes with code and Retina displays in mind. Delightful ligatures and an italic variant.

You can get it from here

Dank Mono

4 - SF Mono

This monospaced variant of San Francisco enables alignment between rows and columns of text, and is used in coding environments like Xcode. It supports Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts and contains six weights in upright and italic.

It is actually default font for Apple platforms but you can find for Windows and Linux too.

SF Mono

5 - Monaco

It was originally released by Apple with their Mac operating system. In 2009, with the release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Monaco was replaced by Menlo as the default monospaced font.

You can download from here

It's a bit old but I like it and use it in vim.



These are my favorite fonts. You can write your favorite fonts in the comments, I would like to take a look at them.

Happy Fonts!

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nocnica profile image
Nočnica Fee • Edited

Love this but you didn't mention my fave Fira Code! It's free and it's beautiful

ffmavili profile image

Omg, I use sometimes Fira Code too, I don't know how I forgot :D Thanks for reminding !

shivamgeek profile image
Shivam Verma • Edited

try cascadia code by Microsoft

vclaud profile image
Claudiu Vădean

I would add Pragmata Pro / Pro Mono to the list for sure (awesome compact design with incredible support for Unicode characters). Worth every penny.