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Automation with Python | ClointFusion

This post discusses more on the open sourced python package ClointFusion which focusses mainly on Common man RPA.

What is RPA automation BTW? 🤔

Robotic process automation (or RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or on artificial intelligence (AI)/digital workers.[1] It is sometimes referred to as software robotics (not to be confused with robot software). Read more on RPA here on wikipedia.

What is ClointFusion?

Well, ClointFusion is an open sourced python based RPA package maintained by Cloint LLC which mainly targets on Common man RPA automation. Unlike, the other RPA providers out there, this package is cross-platform and lightweight i.e., if you can run python scripts in your machine, ClointFusion works there.

The entire package is open sourced, actively maintained, contributed & the code can be found here in Github. The package consists of nearly more than 100' RPA functions which'll make ease in developing user defined bots. Read more about ClointFusion here.

'Note: Though most of the functions works fine in all type of operating systems, some of the functions were specifically designed for Windows Operating System.

What can you do with ClointFusion?

The ClointFusion package offers versatility in the creation of smart bots covering different categories including Web, Excel, Citrix, Desktop, Mouse & Keyboard operations.

As of now, the package contains:

  • 6 unique GUI based input functions.
  • 8 unique Mouse operation functions.
  • 6 functions focused on Folder operations.
  • 21 functions focused on the operations of Excel.
  • 2 functions on Screen scraping operations.
  • 12 functions on Browser operations and much more.

Discover all the functions of ClointFusion here.

A special function called semi-automatic mode is also included in the package, where the bot works silently in expert mode without the interaction of user (Non-GUI Mode) when it's set to ON. You are free to configure the operations of bot at each step, by setting the semi automatic mode OFF.

Let's install it 💻

  • Read the requirements and installation of ClointFusion for Windows here.

Note: The installation for Linux and macOS will be posted soon.

How can you contribute?

Liked the project!👍/ Have any idea to develop👨🏽‍💻? You can contribute to the project hosted on Github.

Feel free to comment down any type of doubts/issues you've encountered. Would ❤️ to help.
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