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Install ClointFusion in Windows Operating System | ClointFusion

This post explains & guides you through the more robust way to install the open sourced RPA based python package ClointFusion.

Before going into the content, checkout the post Automation with Python | ClointFusion, to have a glimpse on ClointFusion.

Alright, enough intro πŸ˜…, let's dive into the requirements pane.

Know the requirements πŸ“œ

Well, following were the recommended requirements for the package:

  • A 64-bit Windows 10 OS installed machine πŸ’».
  • At least of 3 to 4GB of free space πŸ’½.
  • Python (version >= 3.8) 🐍
  • Anaconda Individual Distribution.(recommended for ML practitioners)
  • A Decent Internet Connection πŸ“‘.

Let's dive into the installation.

Install Python 🐍

Let's install Python.Please follow the steps given below

  • Remove older versions of Python if exists.
  • Download Python here
  • Make sure that you've checked Add Python to PATH and click Install Now
    Alt Text

  • Within few moments, python will be installed in your machine.

For ML practitioners, who wish to maintain different python environments, I recommend you to checkout the post Install both Anaconda & Python | Windows

Install ClointFusion

Well, with the successful installation of Python, it's time to install ClointFusion package.
Follow the instructions given below for a successful install.

  • Upgrade pip using the following command.
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
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Alt Text

  • Install the ClointFusion package using the following command.
pip install --upgrade ClointFusion
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Alt Text

  • Depending on your internet speed, this'll take some decent amount of time to install. Take a break/ Have a coffee β˜•.

ClointFusion First Run/Self Test...!

With the dependencies installed, you've successfully installed ClointFusion package. Let's run the first self test. This test
runs a bunch of tests & checks whether the ClointFusion functions works fine with the current machine configuration.

Alright, Let's start the test.

  • Close all opened applications.
  • Open cmd and type python to open the python interpreter.
  • Enter the following command to import ClointFusion
import ClointFusion as cf
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  • Within a few moments, you'll be welcomed with a prompt as shown in the picture below.
    Alt Text
    Alt Text

  • Give the necessary details and click on Start to start the self test.
    Alt Text

  • Sit back & Relax till the self test gets completed.

  • While the self test runs, many applications like excel, notepad & browser will fire up automatically. Don't get panic 😨 . Contact the developers in case of any help needed.

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰,with that steps implemented you've successfully completed ClointFusion setup in your windows machine.

  • In case any of the links aren't working, feel free to download them from the respective official website(s).
  • Checkout the Project GitHub Page here.
  • Test drive the inbuilt ClointFusion functions with the publicly available ClointFusion-Labs

See you in the next post! πŸ˜€

Feel free to comment down any type of doubts/issues you've encountered. Would ❀️ to help!
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