Resources for a React Full Stack Beginner

fifn2 profile image Finn Wright ・1 min read

Over the last year or so, I've gotten really familiar with and have come to love the simplicity and elegance of React on the front end, but when it came time to hook React up to the backend, I got lost in a sea of tutorials without really learning the fundamentals of backend development. For all of you who have experience using react on the backend, where do I get started with the fundamentals (like express) so that I can branch out into more complex topics (like hosting on a Docker container, GraphQL, and JSON Web Token Authentication)? Thanks in advance.


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I think you should start with simple API calls. Then try to use redux with same APIs. After that you should build a CRUD app on ReactJS so that you have completed understanding of it. Then you can move on to backend to learn NodeJS and Express. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask if you need more guide in this regard.


Thanks so much. On second thought, I think I pretty much have those kind of simple API calls down. Where should I go to learn Node and Express?


Are you proficient in state management i.e Redux, context API and others? For NodeJS, There are pretty good tutorials on YouTube. One by thenewboston team is awesome. See it here : youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6gx4Cw...

I'd say I'm pretty proficient in both Redux and the context API. That tutorial sounds pretty cool, I'll check it out.