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KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

What is KISS?

KISS(Keep It Simple, Stupid) is an important software development principle that say about not create something complicated when you can make this simple and this resolve a lot of problems in software development in different layers of this process like UX, system design and others.

What I earn with this?

Ok, for this I'll explain that when you create something simple you create this faster than complicated, when you need to resolve a simple problem you resolve this faster than a complicated problem, when you need that someone learn about your system, if your system is simple it will be easier to be understood than a complicated and engineered system and for consequence it'll be easier to maintain and something is simple it'll be like you think that need be.

What's my experience with this?

Nowadays, I use KISS every time that I think to create something with complicated ways and making something that I don't need to make when I not see a real gain with this or resolving a real problem(this is a mind about YAGNI too, but I'll talk about this other time) and this principle make me more humble because every time when someone says for me "this code is simple to understand" I feel me pride about this system.


That's another article for Pair time group and I choose this principle to say about baby steps and the power of simplicity, so that's a good way to think because every time you inject unnecessary complexity in a project you'll be turning this more difficult to maintain, and it'll reflect in agility of your delivery.
For today's it! thank you if you read this far and see others articles here in the future i'll share all Pair time group articles and you will see our ideas and discussions :3



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