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Yuri Filatov
Yuri Filatov

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How to find inspiration for your website?

Hey! That is the last introduction article to solve some mental problems before starting the real work! Hopefully, it will be useful for a good start.

Inspiration is in the air

It can sound dumb, but your mental health have a big influence on your work:

  • Be in a good mood to start thinking
  • Be in a quiet place with no people around. It is your time to have confidence.
  • Forget all problems. Remember, the hardest thing - is the start.
  • Do it today. Tomorrow you will easier deny this idea.
  • Never stop. If you stop, you have to make everything once again from the very beginning.
  • Don't be afraid. Although you aren't a popular programmer that earns a lot, remember, every person is individual. Some people will find your ideas fresh and interesting.

Real inspiration, real experience

Of course, people who start their way, don't make any explosions of ideas. Everyone needs real experience to understand, what is needed today.

Your goal to make something that is not used by others, something yours. Even if you find your design of website bad, some people will find it creative. Things that become popular are new.

Once you start and make something yours, your future projects will be getting better and better, as you are a child that learns how to draw - the more you draw, the better you do.

The next article will be dedicated to some project. I will share my point of view on how to make a website the most effective way and we will move to the real things.

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