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A new single command for installing Intercity

It just got extremely easy to install Intercity - the web UI for managing Docker applications, plugins, and application deployments. After the excellent initiative and support by Ariejan de Vroom and Jeroen van Baarsen from last November 2018, the big PR is finally, merged in! 🥳

The new way of installing and updating Intercity is as easy as running the following commands and following the setup procedure:

$ wget
$ sudo bash

Running the script will make sure Docker and Docker Compose are installed on your server. It will also ask you some setup questions and the configuration settings file. Finally, it will download and start the required servies to run Intercity, like an nginx-proxy with LetsEncrypt, PostgreSQL, and Redis.

In theory, running will also allow you to upgrade to the latest version of Intercity as we'll be publishing new releases of Intercity to the officially supported image on Docker Hub: Every time the image gets updated, you can run to have Docker Compose pull it down and restart your services.

Upgrading from the old way of installing Intercity is fairly easy, but you do need to make some file migrations of the PostgreSQL database files. An automated upgrade path or documentation for this will be ready as soon as I've tested this with my personal already running Intercity deployments.

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Vivek • Edited

Michiel, I'm really impressed with your initiative about Intercity and your unique PaaS solution with Firmhouse. Cheers to you and your team!!

Since the last few days, I've been digging into an alternative to Heroku which obviously led me towards dokku. I then started searching for some UI around dokku which brought me to your solution with Intercity. Just need a bit of your help in setting it up if you can guide me through..

I'm running the two commands you mentioned in this post on my digitalocean Ubuntu droplet. The intercity.env file contains my domain name whose DNS Alias record points back to the droplet IP. I'm not sure why the process never ends after it displays "Waiting for Intercity Next to fully boot up. This may take a few minutes". Can you please guide me through this of what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!