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Fisayo Afolayan
Fisayo Afolayan

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The Bug lives on!

You will be fine.

Even though you tried all day, unsuccessfully, to fix that annoying bug before the close of work. You left work really late. You walked briskly and held on to your backpack with every atom of strength left. Looking from left to right, ensuring that your Macbook got home safely with you.

You got home, turned on the TV, continued G.O.T from where you left off last night. But your eyes slowly dim. You were really tired. But all you could dream about was that same 🐞. 😔

You woke up around 2:00 am, Determined to see the downfall of this annoying 🐞. You powered on your Macbook, Docker is still active, containers running perfectly, Sublime text in Distraction Free Mode. But still, 7:00 am, 🐞 still walking wild and free.

Deprived of sleep, you decided to close your eyes for few minutes. The loud music from your neighbors flat woke you up. The time is 9:00 am.

You signed in to work remotely. Another day to fix that 🐞.

You will be fine.


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Neo Ighodaro • Edited

Guy, sleep is very essential 🚶🏽

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Fisayo Afolayan Author

True, no doubt. But when you try sleeping and all you dream about is this same 🐞 and new ways to tackle it. It's not like I can git stash that dream. When this happens to you, what do you do?

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Wesley Ameling

I would ask a colleague the next day ;)