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Ghost 2 Blog on Heroku

Ghost is blogging software written in Node.js. Coby Chapple @cobyism did the original hard work and got Ghost 1.x running on Heroku.

I forked this repo and updated the package.json to refer to the latest versions of Ghost 2.x, the Casper default theme, and the Amazon S3 storage adapter.

It's now running the FISSION blog, so we know it works!

You can use this Deploy to Heroku button to create a Ghost 2 blog now:

Ghost 2 Blog on Heroku

You will need to have or create Amazon S3 credentials for file uploads to work, and you'll probably want to setup a custom domain, but your blog should be up and running and you can create your first user.

With the Mailgun add-on, you're using sandbox mode which can only send to email addresses that agree to receive email. This is used only for account invites and password resets, just remember to whitelist the email address before inviting new staff.

Custom Domain and SSL Known Issues

When switching to a custom domain, PUBLIC_URL needs to be set. Ghost won't pick up this new URL until a Heroku redeploy happens (even though no code changes happen). This is a known issue, and you need to manually redeploy for Ghost to pick up the change. See issue fission-ghost/1

If you're using Cloudflare for your DNS and are setting a custom domain with SSL, you may run into an issue with infinite redirects. This is a known issue with the "Flexible" SSL setting on Cloudflare, and you'll need to turn off Cloudflare proxying for the custom domain you're pointing at Heroku. See issue fission-ghost/2

If you find any other issues, please file an issue, or come chat to us in our Discord server.

IPFS Support & Future Research

Since we're using Ghost to run our own (this!) blog, we're going to put creating an IPFS Storage Adapter for Ghost on our roadmap.

Ghost supports SQLite as a database option. Since this is a file based database, this could theoretically be hosted on IPFS.

Using Ghost to author content and then publish it in flat file mode for IPFS publishing, or to have an IPFS version of each blog post are other interesting areas of exploration.

Let us know if you have other ideas for Ghost + IPFS!

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