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Fred Richards
Fred Richards

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Organization, Classification of your personal data

I was having a quick chat with my brother recently. See, I've been into IT and technology for as long as I can remember. A lot of what we do is about organization of data. How do you think about data, how is it visualized inside your head, in your thoughts?

One of the things I recommend is to create conventions for classification. And this goes for everywhere, not just in code, or on servers, but your own local workstations as well.

One of my favorite conventions is topic or type, and date. My backups look like directories of the same type of file sorted by year. If I moved in 2016, and scanned everything into PDF files, that's a super-quick way to find it.

Same thing goes for my chrome bookmarks. Chrome allows you to bookmark all your current tabs. I have a special group called Stamped, where the current tabs I was concentrating on at the time are in Year-Month-Day format. I can tell you on 20140521 what I was reading, or focused on because the history is all there. You get a holistic view of what your thoughts were at the time, where you've gone from there, how you've grown, and maybe some topics you've dropped on the floor, for whatever reason.

This one seems silly, but it's worked for me for years. I know the vast majority of people with a coding skill set probably have a good handle on their own conventions. What ones do you use, any unique ones? And why?

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