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Florian Rand
Florian Rand

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My top 5 playlists for coding

Following Ben Halpern's post about the best deep work soundtrack, I'm going to share my 5 most listened playlists for deep work, no special preference.

Here we go! (For some reason I can't embed Spotify URIs sorry)

Title Description
Moodboard Deep atmospheric sounds, good for relaxing.
Coding Session When I need something more "Electric".
Coffee break table Jazz Another great playlist, I like Jazz when I'm doing creative work. For some reason Jazz helps me with my crappy ideas.
Coding / Hacking / Feeling like a 80's scifi superhero The title says it all.
Paceful Piano Another favourite when I need to do creative work.

And this is it, if you feel in the mood, share your preferences in comments!

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