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CONTRIBUTING: Jamie Maguire on the SocialOpinion API (Twitter)

Leading up to (and during) the month of October, we want to help you discover open source projects to work on, and put your Hacktoberfest contributions to excellent use. Meet Jamie Maguire, Microsoft MVP for AI, Senior Developer, and Pluralsight Author, who builds the SocialOpinion API.

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What can you tell us about your project?
Twitter are rebuilding their developer APIs from the ground up and in July this year released the first set of APIs. The SocialOpinion API makes it easier for .NET developers to connect to the new Twitter API, allowing them to search for Tweets, surface tweet and profile metrics (impressions, profile clicks, likes, comments), and do text analysis.

What contributions are you welcoming?
I'm looking for help in terms of coding and integrating new API endpoints, docs help (creating / editing GitHub Pages), and adding unit tests - all which will help us grow the capabilities of the API.

What skills do people need to contribute?
Anybody that can write documentation, has intermediate C# skills, writing unit tests, and creating GitHub Pages would be fantastic to onboard!

How do folks get started?
Reach out to me on Twitter, or head straight over to the repo, or check my blog for more information on the SocialOpinion API.

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