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Discussion on: What was your worst experience with a programming language?

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I don't necessarily think that Scala sucks, because it's actually very powerful and, as far as I know, used in some computationally heavy tasks, but my problem was that every learning source assumed I had far more knowledge about the language and about functional programming, which was not my case... But it's a future project to really learn, just to not be beaten by a programming language!

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I have no hands on experience with Scala, my post was mainly based on the ex-colleague's experiences. I do believe however that it's one of the more complex programming languages, the type system is complicated and very arcane. It's also not a pure FP language, it's an OO/FP hybrid, two paradigms in one, that's probably not making it any easier. Some bigger companies love it though, apparently it isn't the worst choice if you want a 'corporate' job.