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Planning poker with Showdown

In our team we are using planning poker to estimate our tickets. Before the Corona pandemic started, usually most people were at the office, so we used poker cards on paper or as an smartphone app.

But with many people starting to work remote we had the challenge to do planning poker remotely. There are already existing websites or slack bots for this, but we wanted a solution that can be selfhosted and customized.

So i‘ve created a selfhosted open source web app called Showdown.
The server is written with Ktor and webpage is written with KotlinJs. You just need your browser to connect to the server. On the page you can see the other players and can see instant when someone has voted and of course the players votings at the end.

How to use it?


You can find a deployment instruction HERE or you can try the test instance on Heroku HERE


1) Choose a room name
To play planning poker, you and your team needs the same room link. You can choose any room name. Let's say you want to join the room "devto", then the room link is : (On your own server your domain would be different)

2) Choose a player name
3) Vote for an option

4) Show Votes

When everyone has voted you can click "Show Votes" to reveal the votes or you can activate "Auto reveal" in the settings menu.


I'm still working on adding additional features. When you find any bugs or have feature requests, feel free to let me know :)

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leonarda6k • Edited

Great job on creating Showdown! It sounds like a handy tool for remote planning poker. It's always a challenge to find solutions that work for everyone, especially when it comes to remote work. Self-hosting and customization options are definitely a plus. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the excellent work! Oh, if you want to check out more fun and games, you should check out Ricky Casino. They have great games. Here is the link Ricky Casino Registration. Good luck!

rockokangaroo profile image
rockokangaroo • Edited

Well this is nice to see. But you have a lot of efforts to bring a young man, so that it will be on the same level as other good casinos online, and this is a minimum. You have two options, and they are to compete or be better, the rest means failure. I’m sharing my opinion as a player, because each year website are better and better. Now you can play online with a live dealer, but I’m not really that guy to trust it. I like something more that is well-designed, planned and works like a Swiss clock. Now I’m playing ladbroked and the joy is at the right level.

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