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Francesco Bianco
Francesco Bianco

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Did you know .distfile?

I love dotfiles, my dream is to create a popular dotfile as the great .gitignore. This mission motivated me to create the DIST(dot)SH project This is a tool for creating software bundles (ZIP files so to speak) based on a manifest called '.distfile'.
As for the popular '.gitignore' the '.distfile' as a convenient syntax for bundle complex package with custom file structure and ignoring specific files.

## File: .distfile
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Support me with STAR or FORK or better still a Pull-Request

Please be patient for the spammy content but I'm sure you love it for time saving on your next project.

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Andre AL

I didnt know about this tool, this is very great thx for sharing, i will use on my personal computer i have some ideas to use.